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Tally’s career is distinguished by an extensive list of satisfied clients

Tally Vanounou is a seasoned lawyer and litigator with 17 years of experience in civil negligence claims, including brain injuries, concussions, spinal cord injuries, catastrophic claims, mental health, post-traumatic stress disorders, historic and/or institutional sexual assault and bar/tavern liability claims. Tally’s career is distinguished by an extensive list of satisfied clients; this serves as a testimony to her ability to provide informed and compassionate counsel while achieving fair and effective results for each party she represents. Tally also brings a deep passion and expertise in handling claims for children.

Tally’s profound interest in medicine and unyielding methodology positions her clients with powerful representation. Years of navigating injured plaintiffs through trying times with empathetic legal guidance have allowed her to consistently provide resolution outside the courtroom. Tally has the necessary tools to execute a successful trial should the need arise.

Tally is fluent in 3 languages and can represent clients in English, French and Hebrew. Tally is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, Law Society of Ontario and the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.

Tally’s motto is “to approach everything with intense passion and always with the desire to reach my full potential in all that I do. I always strive to make a positive difference in people’s lives.”


"I first retained the firm of Fox Vanounou in 2016 as my wife and I were involved in a MVA accident. As a result, I missed several months of work due to my injuries. Tally and her expert team were there to support, educate and guide my through the process. Subsequently, I was the victim of a serious pedestrian-vehicle MVA in 2019. I was so satisfied with the settlement results of my 2016 MVA, that I once again reached out to Tally and her excellent team at Fox Vanounou , who were there step by step to represent, support, and negotiate on my and my family's behalf. Tally exceeded and surpassed all my expectations as a plaintiff and with respect to settlement. Having personally worked in professional regulation for my career, I have seen my fair share of great and not so great lawyers. I can say unequivocally that Tally and her firm are at the top of personal injury firms in Toronto. I will never hesitate to refer Tally and her firm to anyone! "


"Let me begin by telling you that based on my personal experience, Fox Vanounou LLP and their staff care about people. I believe that Tally Vanounou got us the best settlement possible, the maximum dollars for services and modifications to our home. The services including PSW’s, house cleaning and physiotherapy. I suffered 2 broken vertebrae (C5, C6) which compressed the disc between them resulting in permanent nerve damage and a paralyzed left arm. I had to have two hip replacements as well as lower back surgery. I suffered a broken nose and a concussion with bleeding on the brain. I stayed 11 days in an ICU bed. I needed speech language therapy to talk again and physiotherapy to walk again. Tally made sure that my wife and children also had the people and the funds to aid in their recovery. My MVA was very traumatic for them too. I have to say I am so grateful everyday to be here and after six long years of recovery and rebuilding my life, I feel safe again. Tally won over $1.5 million for me and my family. The very sound of that is so relieving and more than I ever expected. A huge Thank You Fox Vanounou LLP and your amazing staff. A special thank you to Tally Vanounou for helping me and for helping my family, I was very fortunate to have you represent us!"


 "The following is some feedback of my experience of having Tally Vanounou as our lawyer for my daughter’s case. My daughter was injured in a training session involving a treadmill. This case was a lengthy and difficult process for my family. The first time we met Tally she was honest and upfront and explained to us that this would be a lengthy and difficult case and that she was willing to take it on. This injury was very difficult for me as it involved my daughter’s health and Tally was very understanding and sympathetic to the challenges my daughter and I were going through. Tally did extensive research and was extremely resourceful in coming up with evidence to prove our case. She was thorough and kept in touch by sharing information and next steps. Her assistance Alejandra was very supportive and helpful as well. Anytime I had questions or was frustrated about the case both Tally and Alejandra were just a phone call away and ready to answer any questions I had and lend a listening ear. This was extremely reassuring as I was always aware and informed of our case. Two years later our case was resolved and we settled for an amount that was beyond our expectations. Our case was settled in mediation and Tally really put up a fight to ensure that we were offered a fair settlement to provide for any future medical needs my daughter may have. Tally is a lawyer who will support you and be honest and give you clear and accurate advice. She is persistent, hardworking and strives for your best interest. Tally to us has become not only our lawyer, but a compassionate sincere person and friend who still keeps in touch concerned about our daughter’s health and well being. Thank you Tally for your kindness, your determination and dedication to our family and our case."


"I was 15 years old when I got injured and my parents and I decided Tally Vanounou would be our lawyer. From my first meeting with Tally she was very understanding and compassionate to everything I was going through. When I had to attend discovery I was really nervous, sad and upset and Tally sat beside me to make sure I was okay. She always explained to me what was going on and acknowledged the way I felt. Tally gave me a heads up on the questions and advised me to just be honest and to be myself. She was always really nice and kind to me which really meant a lot. Tally always gave me her support and made it known to me that she was there for me anytime if I had any questions. Thanks Tally for everything."


"Once I decided to pursue legal action (after my motor vehicle accident), I interviewed several attorneys. Most were not really interested in my minor injury case. Tally was actually recommended to me by another legal firm and I knew immediately she was right for me: she was the only one to empathize with me as an injured person needing legal help. From the beginning Tally has demonstrated the right balance between professionalism and compassion. She has always shown concern for my well being and pushed to get support for the appropriate assessments and treatments. She is friendly and accessible as is her supporting team. Tally is a determined, aggressive lawyer yet she sets sound, realistic expectations. During the process, she provided legal counselling and personal coaching to ensure I was prepared for the next step or event. For example, prior to the mediation event, we sat and discussed what would happen, what I should be prepared to say or to hear, what to expect if we did not settle the case, etc.. In the end, we succeeded in settling the case and it was a huge relief for me.

I would recommend Tally as legal counsel because she offers knowledge, experience and drive along with compassion, warmth, and understanding. An unbeatable combination!"

Thank you,

No one wants to suffer the consequences of a car accident and a resulting concussion.

I’m so grateful that after my accident a friend recommended I contact Tally Vanounou at Fox Vanounou LLP. The professionalism and responsiveness of her team and their commitment to service made managing the legal maze unproblematic. I remain deeply impressed with the skill, understanding, and sensitivity that Tally’s team brought to this unfortunate ordeal.


After my accident FV Law put me in touch with health professionals to guide me through my recovery and handled my case promptly with great care. The level of professionalism, empathy, and kindness displayed by Tally and her team is truly above and beyond.


Trust: A firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength in someone or something.

Trust is a virtue that is usually earned between people over time and experience. Having found myself dealing with the fallout of a motor vehicle accident one can only reach out blindly and hoped for the best. So, I reached out and I received the best.

From our very first meeting with Tally Vanounou I was struck by her directness and her sincerity. Moving forward every action she took on behalf of myself or my family only strengthened my trust in her.

Tally’s’ accessibility is huge proof of her sincerity to my well-being. It’s hard to build faith in a person if you can’t communicate with them and Tally was always there, ready and willing to explain, council and most importantly encourage me. This would apply also to the staff Tally has around her. Always responsive to my inquires and always kind and patient with my ignorance of all things insurance.

These were important as the case proceeded but Tally’s abilities as a lawyer were clearly evident through the successful settlement of our case. She has insured that I can continue with my recovery and that it can be done at a safe and healthy pace. A great feat in a what many know to be a tight-fisted industry.

What will always stand out in my mind though was when I experienced a physical or mental setback in my recovery Tally’s’ involvement was immediate. If there was nothing she could do in a legal capacity she would take the time to speak, share and reassure not only me but just as importantly my wife. Not 9-5 Mon-Fri, but at the moment the crisis was upon us. Her empathy to my frustrations of recovery were uncanny and receiving supportive emails from her, out of the blue, in those dark moments completely changes your perspective. You see that is where the difference lies, lawyers can handle your case but only sincere caring people can help handle emotions. Tally did both.

It’s so very difficult to encapsulate everything we have journeyed through in a couple paragraphs but the reality is this. I hired a lawyer, I gained a true friend and I would be confident to give her anything, at anytime and anywhere because I trust her entirely. No one has earned it more.

Our thanks forever Tally


My family met Tally during a very difficult time in our lives. Without knowing anything about the legal processes involved in a situation like ours, Tally showed our family kindness and support throughout the entire experience. Tally went above and beyond and we couldn't have put the lives of our family in better hands. I endorse Tally without any reservations.


"Tally, You’ve done such a great job representing Hillary and I really appreciated you taking the case when most law firms thought it was too complex and above the average knowledge of a personal injury lawyer.

Thank you for your hard work, your dedication and always keeping Hillary’s best interest at heart. I must say, it was very refreshing to deal with someone as ethical, caring and passionate about what they do. You made things go easier than I had anticipated and your thoughtful guidance was truly appreciated!

You and your team were always a phone call away when I had questions and now looking back I can’t imagine what we would have done without you.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! I am very impressed with your practice and will gladly refer family and friends in the future."


"I am delighted to recommend Tally Vanounou as counsel in personal injury cases.

My own case involved a significant injury from a fall from my roof. As my lawyer, Tally had to deal with complex issues of personal fault and roofing technicalities. I couldn’t have been in better hands. She took great care to have me understand the complexities of the case and the process of mediation in which I would be involved. At the mediation itself, her presentation of my case was clear and strong, and her handling of the negotiation was effective and transparent. I was especially impressed by her mastery of the technical problems involved, which, quite frankly, would have left me bewildered without her patient explanation. I should say, too, that Tally, along with her staff, could not have been more gracious or more welcoming at their offices. Finally, I should note that my wife and I were very pleased with the settlement won – a good deal higher than friends in the legal profession had predicted."


"Dear Tally,

I want to thank you very much for the manner in which you and your team handled my Personal Injury Claim.

Last year on September 18, 2013 I was unfortunately knocked unconscious by a driver while crossing a pedestrian crosswalk near my home. As a result, I had sustained serious personal injuries. After two weeks my sisters were advised to retain a lawyer. Their lawyer, Andrew Fine, with whom they have been dealing with for many years regarding real estate and wills, referred us to you.

Your initial visit to me at the hospital, even though I was in a considerable amount of pain and discomfort, made me confident that I would be in good hands with you as counsel, and you assured me that I did not have to worry about anything.

From my initial contact, you and your team have been extremely caring, kind and compassionate in recognizing all of my needs. Some of these included the close monitoring of my stay at the hospital, rehab facility, a temporary stay at a senior’s home, arranging for the inspection of my home and making minor changes to ensure my safety there. All of these needs required professional expertise and your choices were quality ones which helped in my recovery process. In addition, you made an excellent choice of an occupational therapist who continues to monitor my home care and transportation needs.

Insofar as dealing with the authorities and insurance matters, I felt that you and your team ensured my interests were considered and looked after in a very capable, caring and efficient manner.

I really appreciate everything you have done, and again, thank you."


"As a single Mom of 3 boys, being unable to work due to an injury sustained in a car accident was very stressful. I resisted the idea of getting a lawyer and attempted to navigate my insurance coverage alone. It made my life very overwhelming. When I finally decided to get help, I contacted Ms. Vanounou. She and her staff were so warm and welcoming that I knew immediately I had made a good choice. I know that I wouldn't have been able to heal and recover from this without the support of Fox Vanounou LLP."

"Tally Vanounou advocated and successfully settled both my Short & Long Term Disability claims. She effectively protected and defended me against unscrupulous tactics Disability Insurers used when I was physically and emotionally disabled and most vulnerable. Tally has unparalleled in-depth knowledge of disability insurance and is a compassionate woman of substance who genuinely cares for her clients. A great advocate to have at your side, and in your corner, she passionately and aggressively protected my legitimate rights to denied disability benefits. I was always treated with dignity and respect by Tally and her Team of professionals. They guided me through the process and were always prompt with replies to any questions I had. Retaining Tally as my counsel was one of the best decisions I have made. I highly recommend her and with heartfelt thanks, I can now focus on my health and improving my quality of life."


I hired Tally Vanounou and her firm to represent my interests after I suffered a life changing spinal cord injury. Tally and her firm represented myself and my needs with professionalism and compassion. I always felt like my feelings were taken into consideration and they never took any action without my knowledge and approval.

Any time during the process that I felt my feelings were being overlooked by the insurance company. I could always count on Tally to go up to bat for me.

I was kept informed of the status of my case every step of the way and Tally was always available to answer any of my questions or concerns. She knows what it takes to win which makes her advice and opinion extremely valuable.

In the end I received a settlement that finally gives me confidence in my future and will allow me to have a great quality of life. I owe that all to her.

Tally Vanounou is a fantastic lawyer and a fierce advocate for her client. I highly recommend her and the teams services.


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